10 Things to Consider When Buying a Sofa


10 Things to Consider When Buying a Sofa

Sofas are a big commitment – both literally and figuratively. On the figurative side, they’re expensive, and they need to last for a long time. And literally, well, they’re big. They take up a lot of space in a room and often anchor a decorating scheme.

As a result, choosing the right sofa for your home and your lifestyle is a serious matter. When buying a new sofa, here are some things to keep in line:

  1. Color. It’s tempting to go neutral when buying a sofa, so the piece works in a variety of different spaces. That makes sense. But if you love color, don’t be afraid of it – a sofa can be a statement piece and color makes it exciting.
  2. Size. Size is a major consideration when buying a sofa. It needs to fit in your space – it shouldn’t overwhelm or underwhelm. Loveseats, like this one, are usually between 60 and 78 inches wide.while regular sofas like this one are between 79 and 84 inches and sectionals require an even bigger space.
  3. Shape. The lines of a sofa are an important element of the overall look. The shape of this sofa is undeniably feminine and traditional.
  4. Comfort. It’s easy to get caught up in how a sofa looks – but don’t forget that a good sofa is comfortable, too.
  5. Cushion appearance. Overstuffed cushions look casual and comfortable, while tailored cushions look sophisticated. This sofa has a great mix of tailored bottom cushions and loose top pillows.
  6. Legs. You don’t have to see a sofa’s legs, but if you do, the style and material of the legs adds to the overall look of the piece. Steel? Modern. Ornate wood? Traditional. And so on.
  7. Arm style. Sofa’s styles are heavily influenced by their arms. This sofa’s rolled arms add a feminine Art Deco element to a sofa that would look much more masculine and modern with straight arms.
  8. Frame. A solid frame is an essential element of a good sofa. You don’t want it to crumple under you! Sit and move around on the sofa before buying it- you’ll get a feel for the construction and how well it will hold up.
  9. Fabric. Lifestyle is an important consideration when deciding on a sofa fabric. Sensuous fabrics like silk and velvet are perfect for grown-up, sophisticated spaces
  10. Pattern. As with color, some people shy away from patterned sofas, but they can look great, either in a room designed to look busy.

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