How Long Has it Been Since You’ve Been Furniture Shopping? It Might be Time to Get Back into Gear!

How Long Has it Been Since You’ve Been Furniture Shopping? It Might be Time to Get Back into Gear!

Do you remember the last time you went to the store to pick up a new bed, frame, or piece of furniture? It’s funny — humans spend about one-third of their lives sleeping, and another 10-15% of their lives sitting. Yet, we spend maybe a few hours at most shopping for furniture at the store or online. Part of this has to do with the fact that furniture lasts a very long time and we rarely have to think about it. But it’s worth thinking about the quality of these items in regards to the amount of usage we expect to get out of them alone. Having more comfortable furniture to sit on couldn’t hurt, either!

This notion is catching on. Furniture sales have been growing steadily for years now, which seems to indicate that people are investing in their furniture intelligently. Around 1992, furniture and home furnishing stores raked  $52.34 billion. By 2013, the number had essentially doubled — the annual earnings for the same industry were about $101.41 billion. Clearly, people are catching on to the importance of excellent furnishings.

Prices are going up too, though. Furniture is actually about the third most expensive thing a person owns, behind their cars and their homes. Home furnishing stores alone generate what the whole industry used to — about $46 billion — in only one year.

A trip to any one of your local furniture stores will be worthwhile. It’s probably been awhile since you thought about sprucing up your living room. According to a small study by “Good Housekeeping,” the average recliner or piece of living room furniture lasts about 10 years with good care. If you invest intelligently in your furniture, it could be something you don’t have to worry about anymore for a decade or more. If you really consider the rarity of that situation, it probably sounds like an appetizing buy. So, stop delaying — go and visit a furniture-webs now

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