Planning a Guest Room

Planning a Guest Room

If you have an extra bedroom in your house, you may consider turning it into a guest room. Even if you do not have a spare room, it is useful to have furniture that can serve as a sleeping area should overnight guests come to visit. The ideal guest room will be comfortable for visitors and will also serve a purpose when you do not have people staying overnight.

Sleeping Arrangements

You have a number of options to choose from when it comes to selecting furniture that people can sleep on. A full or queen sized bed may be an ideal option if you have a room that you will dedicate solely to guests. If you anticipate having young children stay over, you may wish to get two twin beds instead of a single queen or full-sized bed. A couple can push the beds together if they stay in the room or leave them separate. A sleeper sofa is a good choice if you wish to use the guest room as an office or sitting area when guests aren’t staying in it. Another functional choice is a day bed. The bed serves as a couch or sitting area in the daytime. At night, it is large enough to sleep one. You may also be able to find full-sized or large day beds.

Other Furniture Choices

The guest room should be a comfortable place for people to stay. You do not need to put a full-sized dresser in the room, especially if serves two roles. A small bench is ideal, so that your guests have a place to set their luggage. If the bench opens, guests can set their clothing and accessories inside it. Night stands that have built-in storage, such as shelves or a cabinet, are also a good choice for a guest room. Some day beds have drawers built in to the bottom, which guests can use to store their belongings. You can also use those drawers to store linens for the room. Make the room more comfortable by giving guests a place to sit, such as an armchair or a chaise lounge.

Multi-Purpose Room

Unless you anticipate entertaining guests all the time or have many rooms in your house, you probably want a room that can serve multiple roles. Make a guest room an office or craft room by setting up a desk in one corner. A small cabinet can hold your office supplies or crafting equipment. If you decide to use a sleeper sofa or day bed in the room, you can make it into an entertainment or media room when guests aren’t staying it in. Place a television and other media equipment on an entertainment center opposite the sofa or day bed. The television will also provide your guests with some entertainment when they stay there.

Having Guests in a Small Space

Some homes are not large enough for a separate guest room. If that is the case, you can still entertain overnight guests by selecting smart furniture. Children staying overnight can sleep in the same room as your own children if you invest in a bunk bed or a trundle bed. A basement recreation room can also serve as a guest area with the addition of a sofa bed. If you do not have a separate bedroom but do have a finished basement, you can provide your guests some privacy. A sleeper sofa in the living or family room is another option. Use foldable room dividers to give your guests as much privacy as possible. Consider hanging black-out curtains or shades in the window to make the living room an area suitable for sleeping.

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