5 Dangerous Kitchen Design Mistakes

The kitchen is where all of the hard, dangerous work takes place. There are countless dangers - floor spills, faulty stoves and damaged electrical appliances - that await anyone who enters. Fortunately, there are ways to avert these dangers if you plan to pursue kitchen remodeling. Learn about 5 dangerous design mistakes to avoid incorporating into your kitchen layout.

1. Lack of Storage Space

Not having enough storage space in your kitchen seems harmless, but it's not when people start pushing and shoving into each other. Not enough space means that people will overload the cabinet and pantry shelves with excessive weight. Too much pressure could loosen the bolts and have the shelves collapse on top of each other.

2. Poor Lighting

light fixture2

Poor lighting in any room is a major defect that causes dangerous accidents. In the kitchen, the best chefs accidentally cut themselves or use the wrong ingredients in their recipes. Install LED lights that provide sufficient brightness for years of use. Install task lighting that shines light directly onto the stove, sink or counter.

3. Mixing Water with Electricity

Keep electrical sockets at least one foot away from water sources. Do not encourage people to plug in electronics and let cords dangle in the water. Don't allow the blender and toaster to get splashed by water from the nearby sink.

4. Lack of Counter Space

Not enough counter space is dangerous when the counter overflows with items. Not having enough electrical sockets is an issue if too many electronics are plugged in and overload the circuits. People who use small counters will drop food and sharp objects that cause accidents, including slips and falls.

5. Wooden Floors

Wood gives an elegant, classic look to the floor; however, it may not be the best choice for kitchens. This floor must support a countless number of liquid spills, so use a material that is waterproof and leak resistant.

Un-laminated wood rots, and in the worst scenario, the wood pieces break off into sharp shards. Instead of average wooden floors, install tiles or wood that is laminated for anti-breakage strength.

The kitchen needs special attention since it is the most hazardous room in your house. Follow a few important tips to keep this area clean, comfortable and safe. Make sure you only use safe and natural cleaners in your kitchen and your entire home. Melaleuca products are the way to go, as they contain naturally-derived ingredients like vinegar and citric acid from lemons. And the products do a really good job based on Melaleuca reviews shared by customers online. Always put safety on the top of your list as a kitchen remodeler.


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How to Match Landscaping to Unique Home Designs

The outside of your home reflects your tastes, visually expressing who you are. Front yard landscaping; creating curb appeal and first impressions is an important means of making a statement. Your outdoor design is part of the bigger picture. Plan and design with professionals for Landscaping to uniquely match the style of your home.

Get Creative with Landscape Design


Some homes have a variety of custom features on the outside and may be similar to other homes in the neighborhood. Find a designer who will get creative with Landscaping design ideas. A professional provides unique plans to match the style of your home, not copy, nor a repeat of other yards nearby.

Not that we shouldn't benefit from some of their ideas. Sometimes just a few details make the difference in your unique Landscaping plan. Open communication with your landscape professional is necessary. Voice your wishes as you plan and design with professionals to avoid the look of duplication.

Simple is More

Sometimes simply repeating a few kinds of plant material works effectively with custom features in the home. Simple yard designs impact your outdoor space with coordinating colors, long-lasting blooms, and continuous color. The right plant in the right place offers a sense of continuity that delights the eye.

Pruning or Planting?

Older homes of various styles may still include the original design which often is a problem. Trees and shrubs are overgrown and take up more than their fair share of available space in the yard or flower beds. Limbs may be out-of-bounds, and bushes long ago lost their shape. Trust professionals to advise if the overgrown specimens still have a practical place in your yard and will benefit from renewal pruning or if new plantings are in order.

Greening the Grass


Of course, you'll want an immaculate lawn to match your colorful blossoms. Seasonal feeding of the grass helps get it greened up. In fact, according to landscapers in Utah, early fertilizing of the lawn between a snow melt and a new snowstorm can be just the boon a mature lawn needs. Regular mowing with sharp blades on equipment improves the look of your yard. The right lawn care quickly gets your lawn in shape for the season.

Ask your professional about reseeding those brown patches or aeration for the entire lawn. Ask to identify pests and disease that might make lawn care more difficult.

Contact your professional landscape company and set a time to get together and discuss your lawn care and plantings for this year. Spring will be here before you know it; their schedules will fill quickly. Reserve your slot to keep the lawn and flowerbeds looking their best as you plant and design with professionals.



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