How to polish a piano

Pianos are one of the most common and complicated pieces of furniture in American homes. While piano sales have been declining nationwide for the past several decades, millions of homes still have these massive music makers taking a prominent location in the living, parlor, or family room. And though a huge number of these pianos remain unplayed and untuned, they still command the attention of the eye of the beholder, which means that owners must find ways to keep their pianos looking clean and polished.

If you're going to have the piano in the room, at least make sure it looks good, even if you have not plans to play it. So, in the quest of making your piano look good, you're going to want to know how to polish a piano.

How to polish a piano

First off, let's get right to the proper question. It isn't "How do you polish a piano?" It's "How do you clean your piano's finish?"

First off, you need to determine what kind of finish your piano has. Is it satin? Is it a high gloss? Is it open-pore? If your piano is pre-1920, then you're likely dealing with oil-based varnishes and the like. If your piano is later than that, you're going to deal with more synthetic finishes.

To get an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of each finish-type, I recommend this excellent article about cleaning a piano's finish.

Use a microfiber cloth

One thing I'd like to echo from their excellent piece, though, is the vital importance of using a microfiber cloth, regardless of the type of finish you're dealing with. I use a microfiber cloth from Melaleuca, but any microfiber cloth will do.

There are many reasons why people choose to hold onto pianos instead of sending them off to the auction block, even if nobody in the family is musical. For example, maybe the piano is a cherished heirloom, or perhaps the piano is just a stunningly beautiful piece. Whatever the reason, it is still important to take good care of the things we have, especially the prominent furniture-pieces which are front-and-center in our homes.

Storage Auctions

Buying furniture at auctions

The digital world makes it incredibly easy to buy furniture. . . .ANY kind of furniture from the comfort of our own homes, through the internet. With tools like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook market place, and a host of online retailers, any type of furniture, in any condition, is discoverable and easily purchased.

Most of us have experienced an online auction, such as eBay or But how many of us have ever been to a live auction? If you haven't been to a live auction, then I highly recommend you find one to attend. You can usually find announcements of upcoming auctions on Craigslist and Facebook. A simple Google search on "live auctions in my area" will also point you in the right direction.

Live auctions are much more than getting a good deal on a piece of furniture (or just about anything, for that matter). They are an experience. There's a certain ambiance of excitement when you hear the chant of the auctioneer coupled with the buzz of a crowd. Besides, physically walking around and looking at the items is more interesting (at least to me) than viewing items online in an eBay store. It's easier to inspect items for damages, etc.

When you attend an auction, the first thing you'll do is register at the clerk's table. This is where you give credit card information so they can charge you when your bid wins an item. In exchange for your credit card info, the clerk will supply you with a bidder's card. The bidder's card has a unique number that the auctioneer will reference if/when you win the item. For example, the auctioneer might say, "Sold for $100 to bidder number 32, $100 to bidder number 32!"

Just like an online auction, be prepared to pay a buyer's premium. This is an additional amount, ranging from 3 to 7% of the purchase price. So, if the buyer's premium is 3%, you'll pay the clerk $103 for a $100 dollar item. Additionally, some auctions will tack on a seller's premium, too. It's standard practice, but important to remember as you budget your spending limit for the auction.

You never know what you'll find at an auction! You know the adage: One person's junk is another person's treasure. One of my favorite examples of this is a Seymour card table that was picked up for $25 and later sold for over $500,000!

So, while our world as turned itself into an increasingly indoors, e-commerce society where folks purchase their cars online through vroom, wellness products, like Melaleuca products, through, and used furniture through eBay--sometimes it's worth it to get out of the house and attend a local auction. You never know what kind of treasure is waiting. And even if you don't bring anything home, at least you'll have had a fun experience.

Going! Going! Gone!

Growing a garden when you have no yard

Living in today's digital world, where screens are an ever-present part of our lives, taking a leisurely stroll through the park is becoming more a rarity than a past-time; playing Frisbee with friends is considered a throwback experience; and sitting on the veranda to watch a sunset is something only old people do. Yet, as humanity allows itself to continue being held hostage by electronic devices, there is a growing movement to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. And one of the first places that comes to mind for "digital refugees" to flee is the back yard garden. Yet, what if you have no yard? Is it still possible to have a garden?

Yes! Just because you don't have a sprawling garden plot on Route 66 doesn't mean you can't have a proud garden on floor 66. The secret it to garden using containers. Here's how to get started:

(1) Get pots that fit the crop

Don't underestimate the amount of space your plants need to grow. Plants need enough room for roots to deeply take hold. For example, if you were to plant bell peppers, a quart-size pot will suffice. However, if you were to plant corn (which is possible to do indoors in a pot), you'll need 5-gallon containers for each plant.

Avoid unglazed clay pots. Unglazed clay pots tend to get brittle over the course of a season. Instead, opt for plastic pots. If you insist on using a clay pot, at least consider layering by having your plants in a plastic pot that is then inserted into the clay pot.

(2) Maximize sunlight

Your plants want and need sunlight--a full day's worth every day. Keep your plants in rooms that receive enough sun. If you need to move your plants during the day, that's ok. It's one of the benefits of container gardening!

(3) Use potting mix

Don't use plain old dirt. Use potting mix in your containers. Potting mix is specially formulated to hold moisture better and usually comes with the appropriate blend of nutrients necessary for your garden to thrive. Also, you'll never have a weed problem because potting mix is bagged weed-free!

(4) Get a hose that connects to your sink

This can be fun. When buying your high-rise apartment, you probably never thought you'd need a garden hose. Yet, you'll find a short garden hose to be very convenient in keeping your container garden watered each day.

You can connect a garden hose to a sink by using an adapter typically available at any home improvement store like Ace, TruValue, or the Home Depot.

If you'd rather not have a garden hose, that's ok. You'll just have to make repeat trips with a watering can.

(5) Consider adding hanging baskets

There's more to your apartment's space than just floor space. Use the air space to potentially DOUBLE the amount of crop production. Some plants, like tomatoes and many kinds of herbs, grow very well from hanging baskets. Not only will hanging baskets increase your production potential, but they can also be very beautiful.

(6) Use eco-friendly household cleaners around indoor plants

With an indoor garden, you'll want to be very sensitive to the kind of cleaners you use. Many household cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can harm or even kill plants. Furthermore, once your plants start producing fruit for consumption, you'll definitely want to avoid spraying anything harmful around your garden. Melaleuca products are all eco-friendly as are products available from eco-friendly stores like Natural Grocers.

slatwall panels

Slatwalls Make Everything Easy!

It is a matter of fact that in this highly technological world, it is not possible to keep yourself away from the new inclusions made by Science. Daily, there comes something new in the markets that offer even more amazing and fascinating features than the previous one. Going side by side, the urge of lavishness is also getting higher grounds among the masses. People show their proclivity to adapt their lifestyle according to the evolving technologies.

So, keeping in view the urge of people to make their houses and shops confined in case of equipment, Slatwall panels have been introduced. Slatwall panels are specially designed for the walls, and they are most probably used in the shop fittings. Slatwall panels are basically fixed in the walls. Most likely, Slatwall panels are used in the workshops where there are many types of equipment. There are horizontal grooves in these panels that are made to accept the different kinds of merchandising accessories. These panels can also be used in the garage at homes. In these Slatwall, grooves can be mechanized into the sheets, and then different equipment can be hung on these grooves. In some cases, there is metal inserted in the penal during the manufacturing process, and such panels are used to bear the higher loads.

 Manufacturing Material and Installation of the Slatwall Panels 

The material of any product carries the primary importance in assuring the durability of the product. The same is the case with Slatwall panels. There are different types of materials used in the manufacturing of these panels. Mostly, these panels are made up of plastic and aluminum. You may choose any of them depending upon your requirement. These Slatwall panels can be cut viewing the area where they are to be fit.

Now, there comes a question in mind that how Slatwall can be installed in the walls? Slatwall panels are installed in the wall studs with the screws whose length is 2 or 3 inches. But, it is mandatory to find the type of wall studs that are going to be applied in the Slatwall panels. In the case of wood, you will have the need for coarse threaded drywall screws, while in case of metal studs, you have to use self-tapping drywall screws.

Other than this, there are different methods for different materials of wall studs. Having installed with the wall, now your Slatwall panels will be ready to be mechanized and putting grooves in it.

 Benefits and Uses of Slatwall Panels

Most of the times, these Slatwall panels are used in the workshops, so that equipment could be hung on it. But, there is no restriction in it that it can also be used at homes. These panels do not only secure the wall and reduce the mess of equipment that keeps on lying on the floor, but it also adds in the looks of that place. Slatwall panels can withstand a considerable amount of weight; simple Slatwall panels can bear the burden of 10 to 15 pounds per bracket. While those panels which have metals in it can withstand 50 to 60 pounds per bracket.

Upgrade Your Dining Room With These Four Tips

 A dining room can be focal point in the home -- a place where the family gets together, leaves behind the worries of their busy days, and shares both a meal and an experience. And this is precisely why creating a dining room that is both beautiful and comfortable is so important. Read on to discover four useful tips for achieving just that!

1.Add lighting options. Far too many dining rooms (or far too many rooms in general, to be honest) depend on one single, harsh, and un-adjustable overhead lighting solution. This tends to create an overly-bright center while casting dark shadows and eliminating the possibility for mood-based adjustments. Adding extra lighting options to your dining room will make the space more welcoming and versatile, and all at a very reasonable cost.

2.Try mismatching. A perfectly uniform dining room might seem like an idea from the magazines in theory -- but in practice it oftentimes comes off as overly formal and uptight. A few mismatched furniture pieces, on the other hand, can create a more homey, lived-in feeling that most families would prefer.

3.Choose defining features. A large painting hung on the wall. A distinctive rug that delineated space. Or a couple sets of tableware to set the mood. Oftentimes, one highly noticeable accent feature can add more to your space than a dozen tiny details -- and this applies to living rooms and bedrooms just as much as it does to dining spaces.

4.Upholstered dining furniture. Make hard, uninviting wooden chairs a thing of the past by investing in customized and upholstered dining furniture from The Sofa Company! Our diverse selection of stylish and comfortable dining furniture is sure to have the right chair for every taste and every budget -- so visit us online today to learn more!

Protecting Furniture: ( Party or Get-Together )

 Nothing beats a killer party or a super-fun family get together -- at least not until it’s time to clean up and you realize that your most treasured furniture has been damaged in the fray! Here are a few tips that can help you ensure that this nightmare doesn’t become reality.

  • Furniture Covers. As you will see when you browse the Sofa Company’s extensive selection of furniture accessories, furniture covers have come a long way in recent decades, and are now more stylish and more comfortable than you have ever imagined possible!
  • Change the Layout. Don’t leave your most delicate or most valued furniture in high-traffic areas -- this is just asking for a spill. Instead, rearrange in order to ensure that fold-out chairs and older furniture is used most, while your prized possessions are relegated to more intimate and lightly used areas.
  • Clean before and after. Cleaning before your event may seem counter-intuitive, but it is important to take psychology into account here. People are much more likely to treat clean, well-cared for furniture with a great deal of respect than they are to value dirty, seemingly unvalued furniture well. Of course, cleaning after the party is also very important, as it prevents any spills or stains from becoming permanent fixtures in your furniture and in your home. Melaleuca products, from glass cleaners to furniture polish, are effective, non-toxic, safe for your guests, and leave a pleasant fragrance.
  • Provide Tables. It is a simple and straightforward solution that will have amazingly effective results: make sure that tables are always available next to every piece of furniture, and the likelihood of a spill or accident will go down significantly.

Livable Decor Trends for 2018

Ah, the excitement of a new year and new decor possibilities! But realistically, there are so many new decor trends every year and frankly, not all of them are practical or comfortable. So how do you keep your looking home fresh without it feeling like a cliché?

Lavender. Pantone’s Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet – a mystical, evocative purple. It’s stunning, but for some people, perhaps a little too vibrant. Enter subtle lavender, a gentler version of purple that’s spiritual and calming, yet still flirty and fun. It’s this year’s millennial pink, showing up in fabrics, furnishings and accents everywhere. Lavender is versatile, partnering beautifully with neutrals, brights and other pastels (which are also making a comeback).

Bright Florals. 2018 is seeing a return to tradition and movement away from modern minimalism. Bold, high contrast florals and chintz suit the mood perfectly, bringing colour and joy to any space. To make this trend livable, think moderation. Curtains, pillows, throws, a bedspread – choose a few key elements to showcase your love of florals – or select a gorgeous focal point sofa or accent chair.

Velvet. Sumptuous, regal and a hallmark of traditional décor, velvet has stepped back into the spotlight.  In fact, it’s been called the ‘IT’ fabric for 2018! Velvet is luxurious, yet still surprisingly livable. Modern velvets are often treated for durability and stain resistance. Choose a jewel tone to fully embrace the trend. How about a tufted emerald loveseat or a sapphire blue sofa?

Warmer Colours. After seasons of cooler palettes, 2018 is seeing the re-emergence of warmer hues. Look for tan, mustard, terra cotta, warm red and warm burgundy. Warmer colours are ultra livable – creating a comfortable, welcoming ambience. Pair with light neutrals – soft ivory is perfect. Especially trendy is warm colour in the kitchen and on floors and ceilings. (More on this trend next time!)

Circles. Geometrics stay on trend in 2018. Again, as the focus shifts away from modern and toward traditional, sharp edges and straight lines are less popular, with the gentle roundness of circles the preferred shape. You’ll see circles on upholstery and echoed in the shape of tables, ottomans, etc. The curve of circles creates an open, friendly and very livable vibe.

Matte Metallics. Whether faucets, cabinet handles or accessories, matte metallics are everywhere this season! How to make them more livable? Mix them with the metallics you already have – brass, nickel and chrome are still trendy, as well as rosy metallic shades.


Whether you live in a studio apartment or a single-family home, it always pays to make better use of your space. Multifunctional furniture from Resource Furniture offers a winning combination of versatility and style. We’ve partnered with innovative manufacturers such as Clei to offer a curated inventory of designer products for the bedroom, living room and throughout the home.

Browse our inventory or visit one of our showrooms to see for yourself the benefits of multi-use furniture

What Is Multipurpose Furniture?

Multifunctional furniture is a broad category of products that can include something as simple as a sofa bed or a multipurpose coffee table, to a more complex storage solution that unfolds to offer sleeping or living space.

You’ll find a number of examples of innovative, multi-use furniture in our online catalogue, including:

  • Queen, twin and bunk wall bedsthat fold up when not in use to convert to a sofa, desk or shelving unit
  • Transforming tablesthat can switch between dining and coffee table configurations, or convert to shelving or other furniture
  • Seating,wall storage and other smart home essentials

Why Multipurpose Furniture Matters

Multipurpose furniture is about making better use of available space. But it’s also about something larger. We believe that meeting the challenges of the future — whether they’re environmental, economic or cultural — requires changing the way we live. It requires becoming conscious of our impact on the world and taking steps to reduce our footprint.

At Resource Furniture, this is more than just a marketing tactic. Our products are designed from the ground up to use materials better and, in the process, enable better living. Unlike disposable, mass-produced furniture, our products are built to last using sustainable materials in factories that pay their workers a fair living wage.

Our furniture is an investment in your future and the future of our planet. It may cost more than discount furniture in the upfront, but it will last longer, function better, and do more than cheaper alternatives.

A Modern Take on Multipurpose Furniture

A commitment to sustainability is just one part of what makes Resource Furniture unique. We believe that when it comes to the home, design is just as important as environmental credentials. Our products are not just functional — they also look great! Modern European styling blends in with any type of décor, so you can be sure that your new piece will look great within your existing design. Additionally, we offer a range of fabric and finish options that allows you to customize your purchase to reflect your tastes.

Get Started Today

Our products are made-to-order and typically involve lead times of between 12 and 16 weeks. We also have an extensive quick-ship inventory comprised of some of our most popular products and styles.

If you’re ready to experience for yourself the transformative effect our multipurpose furniture can have on your home and your life, get in touch today! Schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms or contact us to speak with a representative by phone or email.


When it comes to cleaning your furniture, you should use products that are safe, natural, and eco-friendly. Melaleuca, which was founded in 1985 by Frank VanderSloot, makes a whole line of EcoSense cleaning products from furniture polish to glass cleaner. These products contain no chlorine bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals, and they keep your furniture looking great.


Living in a small space shouldn’t have to mean feeling cramped. Multifunctional transforming furniture is a smarter way to live more comfortably in a condo, apartment, townhome, or single family home, or when you frequently have guests. At Resource Furniture, we’ve partnered with a number of other manufacturers to offer innovative solutions for any space. Our carefully curated inventory includes transforming beds, tables, sofas and a range of other products — all of which boast both stylish good looks and smart engineering.

Designed for sophistication but built for functionality, our transforming furniture is an ideal choice for anyone that needs more space.

Our Products

Transforming furniture is a broad category inclusive of any piece that does the work of two or more types of items. This can range from something as simple as a sofa bed or wall bed to transforming tables that fold up into shelving when not in use.

Select products in our inventory include:

  • Transforming beds:Murphy beds were the original transforming furniture. This basic technology has improved considerably over time and now includes a comprehensive range of sleep solutions for small apartments. Clei products include transforming queen, twin and bunk beds that double as sofas, seating, storage and other items when not in use. Our products are an excellent choice for studio apartments, kids’ bedrooms, guest rooms and any application where maximizing floor space is an important concern.
  • Transforming tables: It’s not uncommon for dining room tables to include additional leaves for extra seating when necessary. Our transforming tables take this concept and run with it. We offer attractive and modern pieces that can be raised or lowered, folded up or expanded as necessary. Our modular solutions easily convert from a desk, shelf or coffee table to an expansive dining space the whole family can enjoy a meal around.
  • Seating and other essentials:Complete your home with our transforming seating and other smart pieces from Resource Furniture. Our space-saving essentials perfectly complement our larger transforming sofa beds and other furniture. All products reflect a highly modern design aesthetic while offering quality and convenience far beyond mass-produced alternatives.

Our transforming furniture is made-to-order and can be customized with your choice of upholstery and other options. We also have a variety of quick-ship products in stock that can be delivered to you with a shorter lead time.

Explore a Smarter Way to Organize Your Home

Urban dwellers have always used transforming furniture to make the most of small spaces. However, for a long time, multifunctional furniture was synonymous with low quality and poor design. Resource Furniture is different. Our products reflect the best of European design and ingenuity, transforming any small space into an attractive and comfortable place to live. Select products are backed by a lifetime warranty on all mechanisms for residential use, so you know you’re getting a piece that will provide years of use.

Three Small Summer Camp Furniture Investments That Can Pay Off Big

It can be tricky to balance needs for new furniture and budget concerns. Summer camp administrators have to deal with this issue every year in order to keep their camps up to snuff for discerning parents.

Fortunately, there are plenty of small investments summer camp administrators can make to appeal to potential campers. Here are three simple solutions that can help camps save some money until they’re ready to invest in new summer camp furniture.

Revive Mattresses with Replacement Covers

After years of use, it’s only natural that your mattresses will show signs of aging. The problem is that the parents of potential campers usually don’t care about the plights of aging furniture.

It can get quite expensive to replace mattresses every time a cover gets a stain, especially if the rest of the mattress is in perfectly fine shape. Replacement nylon and vinyl mattress covers are a much more cost-effective solution. They make your mattresses look like new and can be resistant to fluids, stains, and bed bugs, all at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress.

Replace Chair and Couch Cushions

Like mattresses, cushions can start to look pretty dingy after extensive use. Add in a few spills or accidents from campers and it might be time to freshen up your couches, chairs, and other seating items.

This doesn’t mean that you should automatically order some brand new couches. Replacement cushions and arm caps can help you revive your perfectly good couch without nearly as much financial investment.

Add Simple Storage Solutions

Plenty of storage is an attractive feature for the parents of campers. However, storage furniture can take up a lot of space that could go toward bunk beds. Solve this issue by investing in some sneaky storage solutions that won’t cost you bed space.

Storage furniture like hook-on shelves, under bed chests, and trundle boxes can help you add extra storage capabilities that all fit on or under a ladder end bunk bed. That means you can keep those extra few beds without having to sacrifice space.

Make Small Furniture Investments Until it’s the Right Time

Small furniture investments can help summer camp administrators appeal to new campers without having to stretch the budget every year. That way they can use those funds to invest in new furniture when it’s time to replace old, broken, or outdated items.

Whether you’re looking into replacement mattress covers or need to outfit your entire facility with new summer camp bunk beds, we can help. Make a Furniture Concepts Wish List today to get a price on all of your camping furniture needs.


Interest in sustainable furniture continues to grow as eco-friendly technology, like electric cars, become mainstays in our everyday lives. Green furniture companies are sprouting up in response, producing furniture that is sustainable and eco-friendly for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

What Is Green Furniture?

Sustainable furniture is based on the closed-loop cycle of recycling. The goal of sustainable furniture companies is to design furniture that can be continually reused, disassembled and then reused again – or that can be used throughout a lifetime (or two). Most sustainable furniture companies also focus on reducing the environmental impact of their items, such as using reclaimed materials or non-toxic furniture stains.
The environmental impact, and importance, of buying eco-friendly furniture is often overlooked. Traditional sofas, beds and other furnishings, are major polluters of our homes.
Additionally, the EPA suggests that indoor air quality is often 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air quality. Given that we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, purchasing furniture that’s good for the environment and our personal health is important. Many people are curious to learn how to find eco-friendly and sustainable furniture, as well as eco-friendly furniture companies.


Finding sustainable furniture all begins with research. It’s easy for companies to claim their furniture is green or eco-friendly, but many organizations now certify sustainable furniture materials. Educate yourself about these certifications and what qualifies furniture as sustainable, and you’ll be able to make smart decisions regarding your furniture purchases.

What Are Sustainable Furniture Materials?

Sustainable furniture materials include a variety of resources, from reclaimed wood to LED lights. The type of material, as well as how it was obtained, factor into its sustainable classification. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), for example, certifies wood as sustainably harvested. Sustainable, responsible harvests ensure that the natural ecosystem remains in place and is able to maintain itself. As a result, the forest continues to grow and produce wood. Tree farms and forests are examples of areas that qualify for certification.

Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Some eco-friendly furniture companies use reclaimed or recycled materials, like wood, glass and iron to create sustainable furniture. Old furniture, homes and other structures often provide the reclaimed items. Companies have even used factory wood scraps or flawed wood pieces for their sustainable furniture. Wood is a popular choice for manufacturers because it’s durable, even if it’s been mishandled throughout the years. Reclaimed pine, for example, is a popular finish for the Cristallo table.
The Rainforest Alliance helps determine if a piece of furniture actually uses reclaimed wood. The non-profit organization provide the Rediscovered Wood Certification to qualifying furniture pieces. Sustainable furniture may also be certified Cradle to Cradle (C2C), which in part says that the furniture can be dismantled. Its individual parts can be recycled at a facility or reused in other furniture. Easy furniture disassembly also allows for quick and easy repairs, which extend the life of the piece.
Furnishings consisting of recyclable materials, like most plastics or metals, help eco-friendly furniture companies by saving them from purchasing additional resources. Recurve is an example of a chair made from recycled aluminum.

Non-Toxic Lacquers

The familiar “new car” smell associated with cars, furniture and other items is a result of manufacturers using unnatural and sometimes toxic substances, like solvent-based lacquers, to treat or finish a product. Solvent-based lacquers contribute to the pollution in your home by emitting, or off-gassing, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like formaldehyde. Water-based lacquers are a green alternative to finishing wood furniture.
Furniture can be certified by Greenguard or Oeko-Tex for low toxicity rates. Unfinished furniture can also be found, though you’ll still want to varnish it with natural wood finishes to extend its life and protect it from heat, moisture and general wear.
If you’re unsure if a varnish is solvent or water-based, check the label. Most varnishes will note if they have a low VOC, which is what you want.


The best way to to clean your green furniture is with green cleaning products. It will help your pieces last longer, while protecting the environment. That's why we like EcoSense cleaners from Melaleuca. These Melaleuca products are super concentrated, so the company ships less water and uses less plastic than other brands. Melaleuca's EcoSense cleaners include Clear Power Glass Cleaner, Sol-u-Mel stain remover and Rustic Touch furniture polish. None of them contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, or any other harmful, toxic substances, so you can use them knowing your furniture, home and family are safe. But don;t take our word for it: Check out the Melaleuca reviews online to see what customers have to say about their experience using these products.

How to Safely Transport Furniture

Transporting heavy furniture is not an easy task, but following some of these tips can make it an easier and safer process. If you are a first-time home buyer, or simply moving out for the first time, it is important that you don’t hurt yourself or wreck the furniture or the house.

Don't Transport Furniture with Items Inside

If you are trying to move a bookcase, make sure you remove all the books from inside it. Although this one might seem obvious, a lot of people try doing this so as not to have to package as much. Same thing goes for furniture that has clothes or other items; this will only make furniture lifting heavier than needs be and items will most likely fall out in the moving process. Make sure you box up clothes and books until they can be placed back where they belong.

Shipping Cases

shipping cases

Shipping cases are furniture designed and can store chairs, stools, and tables all in one. This allows for more efficiency and room in the moving truck. Usually, the shipping case weighs around 30 pounds.


When carrying heavy furniture, you can easily hurt your back. Make sure you bend your knees slightly and lift with your legs, instead of your back. Your back should remain straight. To transport furniture safely, it is important that you stay safe, so also invite neighbors or friends to help you out.

Check Condition

It is important that you check for any existing damage to your furniture before transporting it. Record the damage and take pictures of it as well. With second hand furniture, make sure the seller includes all details of furniture damage to settle disputes later.

Take Apart

Removing knobs or any other protruding items from furniture is essential. This is important for glass items as well, because they can break easily. Make sure you place the knobs, nuts, and bolts in baggies and label them so as not to lose.


If you are using a furniture hauler to transport your furniture, they usually provide insurance to cover any damages or loss. The amount of insurance you want to pay is up to you. There are many different insurance costs and coverages you can choose from.

Moving furniture can be daunting, and the hardest task, but it is not impossible. If you’re careful, cognizant, and proactive, you can mitigate the challenge and make the experience almost enjoyable.

Best Furniture Layouts for Selling Your Home

When selling a home, it is important to make your home appear as attractive and spacious as possible. One important step that needs to be taken when you are looking to sell your home is to develop a plan for organizing furniture in your home prior to listing it for sale. There are several tips that should be followed when you are looking to organize the furniture in your home.

Organize Around Focal Point

When you are looking to organize the layout of furniture in a room, most expert real estate opinions will recommend that you organize the furniture to focus on key focal points. If you have a fireplace, a nice large window, or art work that you want to display, the furniture in a room should be organized in a manner that draws the attention of a home buyer to the object you want to display. This can help to bring the whole room together, which will leave a lasting impression on the potential homebuyers.

Keep Space for Walking

When you are creating your furniture floor plan, you should also ensure that there is plenty of space for walking. The overall layout should allow for traffic patterns that create a natural flow to the home. This should allow you to move from one room to the next without having to walk around large objects in the room. This is especially crucial for showing your home. When a realtor brings someone into your home you want them to feel at ease walking around, not feeling like they have to dodge around an obstacle course.

Avoid Hazardous Edges

Another tip to follow when you are looking to organize the floor plan in your home is to avoid hazardous edges. If you have furniture that has square corners, or other sharp edges, it would be ideal to place the items up against the wall. If you would like to have a piece of furniture in the middle of the room, it would be ideal if it had round edges to provide a more consistent flow to the room.

Selection of Furniture

The most important tip to follow when you are looking to create a layout for your furniture is to choose the right size furniture. If you have a small home with smaller rooms, it would be idea to pick furniture that is smaller. However, larger rooms would be better off having larger pieces of furniture. Make sure you fill the space, but don’t overstuff it. If your furniture is in good condition, you can use what you already have. Try moving different pieces to different locations to create a new look.

In conclusion, picking the right layout for furniture in your home is very important when you are looking to sell your property. There are several tips that should be followed when organizing your furniture floor plan, which can m

Lessons from the School of Scale

If you've ever had new furniture delivered only to find it was too small -- or too large -- for the room where you wanted to use it, take a lesson from the school of scale. Scale is the relationship between different objects that make up the whole of your room. Proportionality, scale's cousin, has to do with the size relationships between the two.

Here's an example: Picture two glass vases, one very small and one very large. Scale is what makes the small vase small and the large vase large. Add a bouquet of pansy blossoms to the small vase and it looks perfectly proportioned. Add just one pansy to the small vase, and the vase looks too big. Add the same pansy to the large vase, and the pansy seems to disappear.

Buying furniture that's the wrong scale for a room can make even a large room look too small. Conversely, furniture that's just right in scale can make a small room seem large.

Minimum Clearances

Part of a room's sense of spaciousness or coziness comes from the width of the traffic aisles in the room and the distance between pieces of furniture. A sofa and coffee table, for example, should be at least 14 inches apart and 18 inches apart at the very most -- at 18 inches, your guests may have to perch on the edge of the sofa to reach their drinks on the coffee table.

Traffic lanes through a room should be at least 36 inches wide to provide a sense of flow. In the dining room, leave 32 to 36 inches between the table and the wall to allow room for an adult to pull back a chair and sit down. A seated adult needs 24 linear inches of dining space to eat comfortably.

In the bedroom, place the bed at least 24 inches away from the wall on each side individuals will use to get in and out of bed. Allow 36 inches of clear space between the bed and the door.

Floor Plan

Creating a floor plan with graph paper will help you determine what size furniture to buy. With minimum clearances in mind, take the measurements of your room and mark it on the paper. Mark traffic-flow areas and clearances around doors. The space that remains tells you how much room you have to work with.

Using a floor plan make it easy to find furniture whose footprint fits the room, but scale goes beyond just the footprint. The color and shape of the furniture you choose adds or subtracts visual weight from an item's actual size. A puffy white leather sofa with wide arms seems larger than a sleek black leather sofa with chrome legs and armrests. A good rule of thumb is to stick to low, clean lines in a small room and save visual heavyweights for a great room, a family room, or a large living room.

Filing Cabinet Purchasing Guide

Filing cabinets are essential in an office, and they're a great help in organizing your documents at home too. Not only do filing cabinets keep your documents arranged so you can easily find them, they also keep them protected and out-of-sight. There are a lot of different types and features of filing cabinets available. When considering purchasing a filing cabinet for your home or office, consider these four key factors:

• Construction. Steel and wood are the two main types of materials used to construct filing cabinets. Steel file cabinets are known for their strength; they're durable and resilient. In other words, they can take a lot of abuse, yet still look good and work well. Metal file cabinets are typically available in muted colors, such as tan, black, white, or sand, that blend in with any decor. Wood filing cabinets add an element of style and elegance to a home or office. Wood filing cabinets can be made completely out of solid wood or a combination of solid wood and veneers. They're available in a variety of wood types, such as cherry, pine, oak, mahogany, and maple, to name a few.

• Types of Files. The two most popular types of file cabinets are vertical and lateral. Vertical file cabinets are the most common. They're tall and thin, and typically have two to six drawers. For homes and offices that are tight on wall space, the vertical file cabinet is a good choice. However, vertical file cabinets need ample drawer opening space (typically 29 inches). On the other hand, a lateral file cabinet, also referred to as a horizontal file cabinet, has wider drawers, which enables you to store legal or other large documents. While vertical file cabinets can only store documents front-to-back, lateral file cabinets can also store them side-by-side, in addition to multiple front-to-back rows. Lateral file cabinets not only often offer additional storage space inside, but they provide extra topical work surface as well. Lateral file cabinets usually have shorter drawer extension than vertical file cabinets, so if walking space is at a premium, a lateral file cabinet might be a good option.

• Mobility. Will you want to move your filing cabinet around your home or office? If so, consider purchasing a mobile filing cabinet, which are equipped with caster wheels. Mobile file cabinets enable you to build your own modular units, according to your space and needs. Smaller mobile file cabinets can be tucked away under a desk when not in use. Mobile file cabinets come with features such as lockable casters, drawer locks, and a shelve for larger items.

• Safety Features. If having the peace of mind knowing that your valuable and confidential customer, client, or personal documents are safe and secure is a critical factor for you, then take a look at the many filing cabinets available with a key lock. Another crucial filing cabinet safety feature is interlocking drawers, which prevents more than one drawer from being opened simultaneously. Look for this anti-tip feature, especially if you're purchasing the filing cabinet for your home, where there will be young children.

Five Investment Pieces for Your Home

has its own place in time, and discount furniture is no different. When you're newly married or just starting out, there's nothing wrong with furnishing an apartment on a shoestring with bargains you find in cheap furniture and big box stores.

But as time passes and your sense of style develops, you'll want to upgrade your furniture. It's still okay to accessorize with inexpensive items that you rotate with the seasons, but when it comes to these five statement pieces, you should buy the very best you can afford.


Your sofa is the star of your living room, and it ought to be a rock star. As the largest upholstered piece in your home, your sofa sets the tone for the rest of your decor. It's the starting off point for selecting armchairs, a coffee table, end tables, lamps, rugs, window treatments and accessories. It is a focal point and a major source of seating. A sofa can last a lifetime if you choose one with a sturdy, durable frame and cover it with beautiful upholstery fabric. As fashion trends change, it will be worth it to recover a high-quality sofa instead of buying a new one.

Dining Table

A dining table is a truly multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be a place to eat, a spot for having coffee with friends, a gift-wrapping station, a homework center, a craft surface or a work desk. It's the only piece of furniture that's expected to expand to accommodate extra guests and shrink back to size after they leave. Buy a premium dining room table, and you can pass it on to the next generation. Stick to a classic style--a round table is the most versatile shape--and swap out different styles of chairs as your taste changes.

Office Chair

You spend one-third of most days at work, and then you come home and spend even more time in your home office. The chair you sit in, whether it's at your employer's office or your own, should be top quality and ergonomically correct. The seat should be wide and comfortable with adequate lumbar support. It should swivel and roll. Armrests, seat height, and seat-back tension should all be adjustable for maximum comfort and control. If you roll from surface to surface in your work area, be sure to add a clear acrylic mat to protect your flooring.

Area Rug

A well made area rug brings color, pattern, warmth, and texture to a room. Rugs are available for virtually every decorating style, but many decorators add a rug in a contrasting style to a room for more visual interest. Imagine a traditional, tonal room with a large Indian dhurrie rug on the floor in spicy colors or a sleek, modern room with an intricately patterned Persian wool rug on the floor. Whether you place your rug over a stone floor, tile, wood or carpet, anchor it by bringing the furniture around it over the edge of the rug. Place a glass coffee table over the rug to make the room more functional without blocking the view.


A chandelier is a traditional statement piece in an entry or a dining room. Lately, chandeliers have been showing up in unexpected places such as bedrooms and bathrooms, where they draw the eye upward with their beauty. A sparkling crystal chandelier looks fresh and bright whether it is brand new or a treasured antique. Buy the best chandelier you can afford and enjoy it--eye candy is a zero-calorie treat.

Tackling Furniture Instructions One Part At A Time

Whether it is a large bookcase, a bed frame or an entertainment stand, furniture instructions should not be this daunting project that leaves you frustrated locating for the right pieces. If you take a few moments before assembling the furniture to do a few preliminary tasks, you can have that piece of furniture put together quickly so that you can spend more time enjoying it.

Find all of the Pieces

Putting together furniture is like working on a jigsaw puzzle. You have to make sure all the pieces are there or you will be wasting time without being able to put together the whole picture, or furniture -- as it were. The first page of the instructions will always list all the pieces needed to complete the assembly. Separate all the different size screws, nuts and bolts into zip bags if they are placed into the same shipping package.

If you see that you are missing pieces, don't jury-rig the furniture together with scrape metal or wood from your garage. This can be extremely dangerous and could injure people if the furniture suddenly gives way on top of someone. Immediately contact the company with whom you placed the purchase. More often than not, the company will send you the parts that you need. If not, return the furniture to the store to obtain a refund or trade in the incomplete furniture kit for a complete kit at no additional cost.

Group Parts by Step

Organization is key. This applies just as much in furniture assembly as it does in the corporate world. Whether you have written instructions or simple pictures telling you how to "place bolt D into round hole F," it's important to have all the pieces for that particular step at hands' reach.

Read the first step of the instructions. For that particular step, group together all the parts and tools required. Move on to the next step and group those pieces together, taking out the required pegs, bolts, screws and other parts. Continue through each step until you have separated all the parts and placed them in their respective groups based on the instruction steps.

By doing this before the furniture assembling, you don't have to go riffling through different bags to get the part you need. You have everything ready for you when you reach that particular step of the instructions.

Assembly Line

The reason why a manufacturer assembles products quickly and at a high quality is that they take an assembly line approach in putting the product together. You can do the same now after doing all the above preliminary steps. You have all the pieces to complete the furniture assembly. You've grouped everything together based on step. Now you just have to follow the step's instructions to place the furniture together.

Place the first step's pieces together. Move to the next group of pieces, ready for assembly. You don't have to go searching for parts or tools. No matter how small or large the furniture is, you can now confidently put everything together without scratching your head and wondering which screw is number 198463. You'll be amazed on just how easy it is, and you might even enjoy the experience.

Above All Else, Take Your Time

This isn't a contest on who can put their furniture together the fastest. Take your time. If a part of the instructions confuses you or frustrates you, take a breather and walk away. Come back later when you've calmed down. By taking your time, you can eliminate mistakes that need to be fixed, which slows you down even more.

Ideas for Small Living Room Furniture

Playing with furniture arrangement can be a decorating dream. If you’ve got a small living room then, you might find yourself confused on how to fit in your furniture to do much living in the room. To assist with that design problem, here are our top living room furniture ideas & furniture arrangements for compact sitting areas, along with some general tips you can use to get the most out of any room shape.

In a compact space, the best way to provide maximum flexibility of seating is to use compact sofa chairs set. The Legacy Living sofa set from Unicane gives you space to spread out. It also provides a lot of space without taking up and adds some pleasing visual contrast to your room.

Of course, not every small living area is conveniently wide open on one or two sides. In an especially tight room, an armless sectional can give you truly maximum seating without looking overstuffed. Legion Living, is the modern living furniture that you can preferably select for an almost built-in look. It’s much sleeker than bumping the arms of a traditional sofa up against the walls, which looks much more cramped.

Another option — especially if you don’t have any television in your living room — is to have a loveseat living furniture. The Soulmate Sofa from Unicane is the one for you. The two of you can be lounge cuddling each other or can have a conversation or play a board game with each other.

In a close-packed room it might be best to drop the idea of adding any side chairs opposite to the living furniture and instead add an ottoman to it which could be a more entertaining solution. Victorian Chair is a perfect choice for this look.
On movie night, Victorian Chair is a perfect place to set down the popcorn bowl and put up your feet. During a bigger get-together, pull the ottoman out to the wall and suddenly you’ve got seating for as many close friends as can squeeze on.

A slim side table at either end of a sofa can be more than enough room to set down a drink, or you can float a small stool in front that can tuck away when not needed. The Rossi set is the ideal match for the requirement.

Keep in mind, regardless of the furniture arrangement you choose, that the more space you can leave open for your feet to move in, the more comfortable your space will be. Kupang Dining, an open furniture will make it much easier to access the sofa and stretch out your legs once you’re in, so you won’t feel trapped on what should be a comfy seat.

A Living Room Furniture Layout That Maximizes the Space

For many inhabitants of studio apartments and small homes, the question is not just how to make the living room furniture layout work; it's how to make it all work in a way that serves ten purposes while still leaving room to breathe. No small feat. You'll want to select petite pieces, of course, so that none are too hulking or crowding in the small room. But what next? What kind of living room furniture layout will actually accomplish all you need it to without feeling cluttered? When social media savant Amy Stone (who took over AD's Instagram for a guide to the Hamptons last summer) joined forces with a design team at One Kings Lane to decorate her New York City apartment, this very concern arose. Amy, a stylist at heart, already had the visual direction decided—the team's challenge was to maximize the functionality of the living room furniture layout so that it could serve every purpose she needed it to. Here's how they pulled it off (and you can too):

Float a selection of furniture

In any room that's tight on space, it's tempting to push all big furniture up against the walls to create a kind of pool of open flooring in the middle. But while useful for doing cartwheels—and there is some real liberation in being able to do just that—the space would be put to better use serving a function. Amy's team opted to float the couch across from two wicker-and-chrome chairs in the middle of the room, transforming the heart of it into a space for conversation.

Try cafe-style seating

If you've ever tried eating dinner at a coffee table, you know it really isn't possible unless you don't mind being hunched over so far your nose touches your knees. But a single person—or even a pair of people—doesn't need a massive dining room table to suit their needs on a daily basis. Take Amy's dining area: a round, skirted table that the team butted up against the wall space between the windows, a chair on either side. It can easily be pulled out from the wall to fit four in the event of a dinner party by just adding two folding chairs.

Fashion a desk from a console

Besides being the picture-perfect place to stash another bit of seating, a console that's wide enough can also serve as a desk without looking like one. By day, stack it with books and a lamp and maybe even your keys when you arrive home, and by night settle down at that ottoman you snuck beneath it (the way Amy Stone did) for a bit of highly glamorous bill-paying.

Delineate functions using rugs

To visually set apart that floated sitting area in the middle of the room from the room's other functions, Amy's design team chose a rug just larger than the couch and matching chairs. The edge of that rug doesn't extend all the way to the walls as you'd expect; instead, the café table dining area and console/desk sit outside of its edges. The line visually cues that you're moving from one "zone" into another, which keeps the furniture from feeling like jumble.

Decorating A Child Bedroom

It is no surprise that children spend most of their time in the bedroom. They used it for sleeping, playing and working. So it follows that their little space should be a reflection of their personality and the most alluring furniture that gives a kid's bedroom an enchanting look is kids bed. A kids bed is not often a simple purchase. It is an adventure and retreat for the children. It is a furniture piece which gives a child immense pleasure and happiness. But the first battle in choosing a bed for a kid simply realises that simple and traditional style beds are not the only options. So, if you too are looking for a something unique and classic, then this guide will surely help you a lot in buying the perfect bed for kids bedroom.

Decide on the right size of the bed: When it comes to choosing the size of the bed, one of the most important things that you need to consider is the size of the room where you will be placing it. If you have small space, then king size bed will not work, even if you want. So choose the bed that give the child enough space to play comfortably.

Consider safety first: The security of the child should be the primary concern when buying a bed for children online. Beds that are designed high from the ground are not the good options for young children. Consider purchasing a narrow bed with bed rails to add an extra sense of security while maximising space.

Decide on the style: To add more colours and comfort to the bedroom, the style of kid bed is a must. Themed kids beds can be a good way to give a child something that they want while maintaining the space. If your kid shares his bedroom, then beautiful and elegant bunk beds with storage are a great option. Trundle beds are a perfect choice if your child bedroom is small enough. You can also customise the bed according to your child requirement and interior decor.

Decide on the material: Aesthetic is important, but functionality is the key when it comes to choosing a material for the kid's bed. A good wooden bed frame provides a long lasting firm foundation for the bed. If you child has a habit of eating meals on the bed and have a tendency of spilling drinks, then you must go for microfiber, it's durable as well as stain resistant. Metal bed frames also can bear extreme wear and tear, but they are also a bit expensive. The fabric is best-suited for those looking for a wider selection of patterns, colour and styles.

Mattress: The firmness and softness of a mattress is a major factor in purchasing a kid bed. A soft bed is preferred by many children, but too soft mattress can lead to back problems and other issues. So, finding a good middle ground is almost always the right choice in choosing a kid's mattress.

Accessories and considerations: Decorating a kids bed with accessories can change the overall look of the bedroom. It puts fun into a boring bed. Bed accessories such as throw pillows themed blanket sets, and pillows are inexpensive and easy to buy. Those who want to customise the kids bed without purchasing tailored bed then decorating the bed with personal taste accessories is a good option.

Set the budget: Kids bed are available in different price ranges. Therefore, it is important to set an affordable budget. In fact, the budget you set will be depending mainly on the specifications you're looking for. So choose the one which offers durability, comfort and is of high quality and that meets your child style and consideration because a kids bed will likely to change the decor of the bedroom.

These are some guidelines which will help you in finalising the right and stylish bed for your children to give the bedroom a fantastic look. Have a good day!

Transform Your Apartment Through Smart Furnitures

Bored with the conventional interior designs of your home? Planning to renovate with some innovations? Well, renovation can be a challenging task when space is a constraint. However, you can be creative and refurbish your place by using some transforming furniture designs perfect for your apartment. I would like to share with you some different multiutility design ideas that you can use for your small or medium sized apartment to give it a capacious and contemporary look.

Tired of the blase look of the living room with a sofa, covering the entire space? Opt for the traditional way with a fashionable look through divans. You can cover these divans with beautiful bed sheets giving a proper contrast to your walls and exterminate the formal dull look. Unlike sofas, divans do not occupy much space and can be customised daily through bed sheets and pillows of your own choice.

Some of the articles, in addition to glorifying your living rooms, give multifold advantages. An exclusive coffee table with magazine rack can personify your room, utilising the space effectively.

Apart from this, a coffee table with an option to push the stools underneath is a very convenient and smart choice. Some stools even have space under the cushions in which you can store your underlying stuff. Apart from being multiutility articles, such furniture does justice to barren space.

You wouldn't wish to overcrowd your finite room with a jumbo study table. Most of us refrain from buying a study table due to its enlarged size and space commanding feature. Well, the modern style study tables not only acquit the space but also spruce up the deserted walls of your room. The foldable wall mounted study table can be fixed on the wall when unfolded provides storage space to your documents along with a writing desk.

Present day art offers you articles that give you an all in one advantage. The sofa cum bed is one of such piece which apart from acclaiming your living room provide storage pros and comes with a feature to be pulled out, almost doubling its usual sitting capacity which makes you an ever ready host for a surprise guest visit.

None of us like the entire space of our bedrooms occupied with large double beds. But when space is a constraint, and you do need a big bed, trundle beds can be a favourable option. The trundle can be wheeled out for use when needed, and stored under the bed otherwise. Thus, this option can save your room from the overfilled look.

You can personalise your home by grasping articles which you can embellish with your favourite stuff. Corner bookshelves can be a witty choice which not only utilises the empty corner but also harbours your favourite books and mini furbelows.

It won't be difficult for you to find such smart furniture pieces as Woodenstreet is there to help you out. You can get a variety of original designs in our online store with premium quality at affordable prize. So go on a journey of recreation with wooden street.