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Slatwalls Make Everything Easy!

It is a matter of fact that in this highly technological world, it is not possible to keep yourself away from the new inclusions made by Science. Daily, there comes something new in the markets that offer even more amazing and fascinating features than the previous one. Going side by side, the urge of lavishness is also getting higher grounds among the masses. People show their proclivity to adapt their lifestyle according to the evolving technologies.

So, keeping in view the urge of people to make their houses and shops confined in case of equipment, Slatwall panels have been introduced. Slatwall panels are specially designed for the walls, and they are most probably used in the shop fittings. Slatwall panels are basically fixed in the walls. Most likely, Slatwall panels are used in the workshops where there are many types of equipment. There are horizontal grooves in these panels that are made to accept the different kinds of merchandising accessories. These panels can also be used in the garage at homes. In these Slatwall, grooves can be mechanized into the sheets, and then different equipment can be hung on these grooves. In some cases, there is metal inserted in the penal during the manufacturing process, and such panels are used to bear the higher loads.

 Manufacturing Material and Installation of the Slatwall Panels 

The material of any product carries the primary importance in assuring the durability of the product. The same is the case with Slatwall panels. There are different types of materials used in the manufacturing of these panels. Mostly, these panels are made up of plastic and aluminum. You may choose any of them depending upon your requirement. These Slatwall panels can be cut viewing the area where they are to be fit.

Now, there comes a question in mind that how Slatwall can be installed in the walls? Slatwall panels are installed in the wall studs with the screws whose length is 2 or 3 inches. But, it is mandatory to find the type of wall studs that are going to be applied in the Slatwall panels. In the case of wood, you will have the need for coarse threaded drywall screws, while in case of metal studs, you have to use self-tapping drywall screws.

Other than this, there are different methods for different materials of wall studs. Having installed with the wall, now your Slatwall panels will be ready to be mechanized and putting grooves in it.

 Benefits and Uses of Slatwall Panels

Most of the times, these Slatwall panels are used in the workshops, so that equipment could be hung on it. But, there is no restriction in it that it can also be used at homes. These panels do not only secure the wall and reduce the mess of equipment that keeps on lying on the floor, but it also adds in the looks of that place. Slatwall panels can withstand a considerable amount of weight; simple Slatwall panels can bear the burden of 10 to 15 pounds per bracket. While those panels which have metals in it can withstand 50 to 60 pounds per bracket.

Upgrade Your Dining Room With These Four Tips

 A dining room can be focal point in the home -- a place where the family gets together, leaves behind the worries of their busy days, and shares both a meal and an experience. And this is precisely why creating a dining room that is both beautiful and comfortable is so important. Read on to discover four useful tips for achieving just that!

1.Add lighting options. Far too many dining rooms (or far too many rooms in general, to be honest) depend on one single, harsh, and un-adjustable overhead lighting solution. This tends to create an overly-bright center while casting dark shadows and eliminating the possibility for mood-based adjustments. Adding extra lighting options to your dining room will make the space more welcoming and versatile, and all at a very reasonable cost.

2.Try mismatching. A perfectly uniform dining room might seem like an idea from the magazines in theory -- but in practice it oftentimes comes off as overly formal and uptight. A few mismatched furniture pieces, on the other hand, can create a more homey, lived-in feeling that most families would prefer.

3.Choose defining features. A large painting hung on the wall. A distinctive rug that delineated space. Or a couple sets of tableware to set the mood. Oftentimes, one highly noticeable accent feature can add more to your space than a dozen tiny details -- and this applies to living rooms and bedrooms just as much as it does to dining spaces.

4.Upholstered dining furniture. Make hard, uninviting wooden chairs a thing of the past by investing in customized and upholstered dining furniture from The Sofa Company! Our diverse selection of stylish and comfortable dining furniture is sure to have the right chair for every taste and every budget -- so visit us online today to learn more!

Protecting Furniture: ( Party or Get-Together )

 Nothing beats a killer party or a super-fun family get together -- at least not until it’s time to clean up and you realize that your most treasured furniture has been damaged in the fray! Here are a few tips that can help you ensure that this nightmare doesn’t become reality.

  • Furniture Covers. As you will see when you browse the Sofa Company’s extensive selection of furniture accessories, furniture covers have come a long way in recent decades, and are now more stylish and more comfortable than you have ever imagined possible!
  • Change the Layout. Don’t leave your most delicate or most valued furniture in high-traffic areas -- this is just asking for a spill. Instead, rearrange in order to ensure that fold-out chairs and older furniture is used most, while your prized possessions are relegated to more intimate and lightly used areas.
  • Clean before and after. Cleaning before your event may seem counter-intuitive, but it is important to take psychology into account here. People are much more likely to treat clean, well-cared for furniture with a great deal of respect than they are to value dirty, seemingly unvalued furniture well. Of course, cleaning after the party is also very important, as it prevents any spills or stains from becoming permanent fixtures in your furniture and in your home. Melaleuca products, from glass cleaners to furniture polish, are effective, non-toxic, safe for your guests, and leave a pleasant fragrance.
  • Provide Tables. It is a simple and straightforward solution that will have amazingly effective results: make sure that tables are always available next to every piece of furniture, and the likelihood of a spill or accident will go down significantly.

5 Dangerous Kitchen Design Mistakes

The kitchen is where all of the hard, dangerous work takes place. There are countless dangers - floor spills, faulty stoves and damaged electrical appliances - that await anyone who enters. Fortunately, there are ways to avert these dangers if you plan to pursue kitchen remodeling. Learn about 5 dangerous design mistakes to avoid incorporating into your kitchen layout.

1. Lack of Storage Space

Not having enough storage space in your kitchen seems harmless, but it's not when people start pushing and shoving into each other. Not enough space means that people will overload the cabinet and pantry shelves with excessive weight. Too much pressure could loosen the bolts and have the shelves collapse on top of each other.

2. Poor Lighting

light fixture2

Poor lighting in any room is a major defect that causes dangerous accidents. In the kitchen, the best chefs accidentally cut themselves or use the wrong ingredients in their recipes. Install LED lights that provide sufficient brightness for years of use. Install task lighting that shines light directly onto the stove, sink or counter.

3. Mixing Water with Electricity

Keep electrical sockets at least one foot away from water sources. Do not encourage people to plug in electronics and let cords dangle in the water. Don't allow the blender and toaster to get splashed by water from the nearby sink.

4. Lack of Counter Space

Not enough counter space is dangerous when the counter overflows with items. Not having enough electrical sockets is an issue if too many electronics are plugged in and overload the circuits. People who use small counters will drop food and sharp objects that cause accidents, including slips and falls.

5. Wooden Floors

Wood gives an elegant, classic look to the floor; however, it may not be the best choice for kitchens. This floor must support a countless number of liquid spills, so use a material that is waterproof and leak resistant.

Un-laminated wood rots, and in the worst scenario, the wood pieces break off into sharp shards. Instead of average wooden floors, install tiles or wood that is laminated for anti-breakage strength.

The kitchen needs special attention since it is the most hazardous room in your house. Follow a few important tips to keep this area clean, comfortable and safe. Make sure you only use safe and natural cleaners in your kitchen and your entire home. Melaleuca products are the way to go, as they contain naturally-derived ingredients like vinegar and citric acid from lemons. And the products do a really good job based on Melaleuca reviews shared by customers online. Always put safety on the top of your list as a kitchen remodeler.


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5 Most Dangerous Household Items

Keep your family safe by doing a check around your home for dangerous household items. Here are a few tips on what to look for.


1. Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplaces


Burning wood in a stove or fireplace can give off dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is practically undetectable to most people, because the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are non-specific. The best way to detect any dangerous levels is to have electronic detectors. Make sure to have carbon monoxide and home security detectors throughout your home to alert you if these fumes accumulate to dangerous levels.


2. Area Rugs


Tripping and falling on an area rug is a common household occurrence. A fall can be especially dangerous for an elderly person. Throw rugs, like large area rugs or runners, are among the most hazardous household items. Throw rugs can be even more dangerous than stairs, since people walk across rugs more frequently than going up and down staircases. Remove any unnecessary area rugs from the home or secure them onto the floor firmly. Check the rugs periodically to make sure they're still firmly secured.


3. Extension Cords


Overloaded, outdated or poorly made extension cords are a leading cause of fire and injury. Purchase only cords that have been approved by an independent testing laboratory. For outdoor projects, use only extension cords marked for outdoor use. Never load an extension cord beyond its capacity, which should be clearly printed on its label. Be sure to replace cords that appear worn, frayed or burnt. Don't run extension cords under carpets or throw rugs where they can overheat.


4. Clothes Dryers


Clothes dryers present a double threat. One is a source of potential fire, the other child entrapment. Always be sure to keep the lint trap free of excess materials to avoid a fire starting. Make it a habit of checking the lint trap before using the dryer. Also, always supervise young children around the dryer.


5. Space Heaters


Space heaters are one of the most common origins of household fires. Never leave a space heater unsupervised. If you're leaving the room for more than a few minutes, turn it off. Always place heaters at least three feet from beds, furniture, curtains or anything else that's flammable. Also, always be sure to turn off space heaters when sleeping.


Keeping your family safe in your home is always a top priority. Taking extra precautions with household items helps keep you and your family safer.


How to Match Landscaping to Unique Home Designs

The outside of your home reflects your tastes, visually expressing who you are. Front yard landscaping; creating curb appeal and first impressions is an important means of making a statement. Your outdoor design is part of the bigger picture. Plan and design with professionals for Landscaping to uniquely match the style of your home.

Get Creative with Landscape Design


Some homes have a variety of custom features on the outside and may be similar to other homes in the neighborhood. Find a designer who will get creative with Landscaping design ideas. A professional provides unique plans to match the style of your home, not copy, nor a repeat of other yards nearby.

Not that we shouldn't benefit from some of their ideas. Sometimes just a few details make the difference in your unique Landscaping plan. Open communication with your landscape professional is necessary. Voice your wishes as you plan and design with professionals to avoid the look of duplication.

Simple is More

Sometimes simply repeating a few kinds of plant material works effectively with custom features in the home. Simple yard designs impact your outdoor space with coordinating colors, long-lasting blooms, and continuous color. The right plant in the right place offers a sense of continuity that delights the eye.

Pruning or Planting?

Older homes of various styles may still include the original design which often is a problem. Trees and shrubs are overgrown and take up more than their fair share of available space in the yard or flower beds. Limbs may be out-of-bounds, and bushes long ago lost their shape. Trust professionals to advise if the overgrown specimens still have a practical place in your yard and will benefit from renewal pruning or if new plantings are in order.

Greening the Grass


Of course, you'll want an immaculate lawn to match your colorful blossoms. Seasonal feeding of the grass helps get it greened up. In fact, according to landscapers in Utah, early fertilizing of the lawn between a snow melt and a new snowstorm can be just the boon a mature lawn needs. Regular mowing with sharp blades on equipment improves the look of your yard. The right lawn care quickly gets your lawn in shape for the season.

Ask your professional about reseeding those brown patches or aeration for the entire lawn. Ask to identify pests and disease that might make lawn care more difficult.

Contact your professional landscape company and set a time to get together and discuss your lawn care and plantings for this year. Spring will be here before you know it; their schedules will fill quickly. Reserve your slot to keep the lawn and flowerbeds looking their best as you plant and design with professionals.



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5 Ways to Conserve Water

Water is one of the main components in the sustenance of daily life. It's valuable to the environment and because of this importance, water must be effectively managed as a resource. Many cities throughout the U.S. have implemented policies aimed at the conservation of water. There are numerous ways you can conserve water and contribute to sustainability. We'll cover five such ways.


Deep-Soak The Lawn


Since the times of ancient civilization, irrigation technology has been very beneficial for many purposes. In modern times many of us strive to keep a nice lawn to maintain a beautiful property. This maintenance includes watering the lawn, which is common enough. Lawn irrigation may done with a sprinkler system or with a hose. If you're using a hose, conserve some water when watering the lawn by watering it long enough for the water to soak down to the roots where it will be the most effective. Light sprinkling tends to evaporate quickly and encourages shallow root systems. Advanced sprinkler systems such as the Smart Controller can even time watering hours responsively to minimize premature evaporation.


Avoid Running The Hose While Washing Your Vehicle

car wash

When washing your car you should use a pail of soapy water. Use the hose only for rinsing. Doing this simple practice can conserve as much as 150 gallons of water when washing a car. Even better for saving water, there are waterless car washing systems on the market.


Install Water-Saving Shower Heads

You can easily install an inexpensive water-saving shower head. It's also a smart idea to cutt your shower time down to only the time necessary to soap up, wash down, and rinse off. A long, hot shower can use five to ten gallons of water for every unneeded minute.


Wash Only Full Loads When Using Your Dishwasher or Clothes Washer

washing machine

Automatic dishwashers and washing machines for clothes should be loaded for optimum water conservation. Avoid the permanent press cycle, as this adds 5 gallons for the extra rinse.


Keep A Bottle of Drinking Water in The Fridge

It is wasteful to run tap water to cool it off. Keep some drinking water in the fridge in a safe drinking bottle. Consider buying a personal water filter if you're into outdoor hiking, that way you can drink safely from rivers, lakes or any available body of water nearby.


Conserving water can be good for both the environment and your water. It can be quite fulfilling to practice such responsibility when it comes to resources. Using water-saving features can bring you a 35% reduction in your in-home water use. Keep this in mind and put some of these practices and features to use.

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5 Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home

The notion of having an uncluttered, simplified life with fewer things is attractive to many. There are benefits to owning fewer things like less debt, less to clean, more money and time for different passions. Consumerism and materialism lead to anxiety and depression. These people are ready to remove the clutter from their life, and you might be ready too. Unfortunately, when you and everyone else builds the courage to finally do it, you find yourself wondering where and how to even start. Hopefully, these five tips will help get you on your way.


Look for Storage Units


You might as well do this first because you are going to need it. According to Storage Units Chatsworth, storage units are a great solution for keeping items of sentimental value. There are things you rarely look at, never use but will never throw away. This is not necessarily hoarding. Things of sentimental value or things you want to eventually pass on to kids or grandchildren still take up space and time, so a storage unit is the perfect place for them. You can go and dig them out when the time is right.


Start Filling a Trash Bag at a Time

At the beginning of your organizing journey, a good first step is towards simplicity is to grab one large trash bag. Then, just start filling it with as much stuff as you can. You will notice a lot of it belongs directly in the dumpster, but there will be plenty of bags you can take to the Salvation Army for the less fortunate.


Take the 12-12-12 Challenge

The 12-12-12 Challenge is a popular way to increase the simplicity in your life. First you find 12 things to throw in the trash. Next, you locate 12 items worth donating. Finally, you find 12 item you can reorganize into their proper place. That is 36 things you have quickly organized in your house. You could tack another 12 items on for things in your storage unit too.


The Four-Box Method

It is important to do this for every item in every room. You need to buy four large boxes for every room. One box is for items to keep, another for trash, another to donate and one to relocate items. Every item in every room must be labeled for a box. It is important.


Use Your Imagination


This is a powerful psychological trick to employ before and after you begin for motivation and reward. Ask yourself how much you would pay for your house before you start cleaning it up. After you have organized it, ask yourself the same question. The difference in the figures will astound you.


Many people feel anxious, overwhelmed and even defeated at the idea of removing clutter and possessions from their homes. It is perfectly natural, but it can't stop you. It does not have to be as painful and dramatic as some people make it out to be, especially on television. You can come up with creative, fun ways to do it. It is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a less stressful life.