5 Most Dangerous Household Products

It can be easy to feel comfortable in your home and consider it to be a safe environment to spend time in. Unfortunately, there are a number of different household products that can be dangerous for residents and pets on the property and are used by most people. To create a safer environment to spend time in, there are a few dangerous products to avoid using.

1. Non-Stick Cookware

frying pan

Many people rely on non-stick cookware in the kitchen to avoid soaking pans overnight, but the products may contain polytetrafluoroethylene, which can release gas once it's heated on the stove. The chemical can increase the risk of cancer and poses a threat to both children and adult in the home.

2. Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Toilet bowl cleaner is often used to remove grime that has accumulated in the toilets and allow them to shine. Although the acidic product is commonly used, it contains corrosive ingredients that can burn the eyes and skin upon contact. This makes it dangerous to use on a frequent basis and can also cause harm to small children who come across the products. Make sure acidic or chemically reactive products are locked in cabinets to protect curious little hands.

3. Power Strips

power strip

Power Strips may seem harmless, but the products often exceed their voltage capacity when too many electronics or lamps are plugged in at one time. According to a product liability lawyer in Utah, power strips are one of the leading causes of fires in the U.S. and should be avoided.

4. Antibacterial Soaps


Those who want to maintain a germ-free home often rely on antibacterial soap to wash their hands and reduce the risk of illness or disease. Antibacterial soap may clean well, but it is known to contain triclosan and triclocarban, which are not bio-degradable and can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other supergerms.

5. Air Fresheners

air freshener

Air fresheners may create an attractive scent in the home, but they are known to contain toxins and chemicals that reduce the air quality of the interior setting and can lead to respiratory conditions after accumulating in the body over time.

You may rely on a number of household products to clean your home and create a functional setting for your family, but it's important to conduct research on the items that you use frequently. By sticking to natural products, you can reduce your risk of an accident and maintain your health over time.


Online Company Review: Glass Door

Glass Door is an online business that specializes in business reviews. Their web site, GalssDoor.com, allows employees to hop on and share honest, anonymous reviews about the companies they work for. Former employees can also leave reviews.

Glass Door has been around for about nine years now, and employees have been able to write online reviews since 2008. Reviews consist of ranking the overall company (zero to five stars); rating the CEO (on a scale of zero to 100); listing the pros and cons of the company; recommending the company (or not); and offering "advice to management."

All the major companies in the U.S. have thousands of reviews. There are also many other smaller companies with only a few hundred or so. Overall, there have been millions of Glass Door reviews posted about thousands of organizations. Let's take a look at how a few companies fare on Glass Door

1. Procter & gamble reviews
• 3,804 reviews
• 4.0-star rating
• 93% approval rating for CEO David S. Taylor
• 85% recommend the company to a friend
• Sample pros: "Great co-workers, challenging technical issues to solve." "Stable environment focused on icon brands."
• Sample cons: "Not sure how much they value employees." "Paperwork is a little much. Workload can get overwhelming. The time it takes getting new equipment through financing and in the door and up and running is too long."
• Sample advice to management: "You should really listen to the people who execute the work before you throw in a new strategy." "Please remember to keep your best people even when they fight for your employees at work. Please keep us protected but also let the people you hired do the job that you hired them for. Continue to support us and we will continue to support you too."

2. Melaleuca reviews
• 156 reviews
• 4.0-star rating
• 82% approval rating for CEO Frank VanderSloot
• 81% recommend the company to a friend
• Sample pros: "Fast-paced, high-energy, mission-driven, CUSTOMER-centered, EMPLOYEE-built, privately-held company approaching $2B in annual sales with a 32 year growth record. An amazing and challenging environment perfect for personal and team growth and development."
• Sample cons: "Performance based income, need to really work hard and put in a lot of time to make a significant income."
• Sample advice to management: "Invest in your people." "Hire people because they know what they are doing. Then let them do it. Pay them well so that they won't ever leave."

3. Wendy's reviews
• 2,086
• 3.2-star rating
• 68% approval rating of CEO Emil Brolick
• 54% recommend the company to a friend
• Sample pros: "Great co-workers, awesome General Manager, easy to move up." "I like the culture here."
• Sample cons: "District Managers are pets of the company and some have very little concern for a work/life balance."
• Sample advice to management: "I thing they can make things way better by getting bigger and really get to know people before they actually get hired in."