Five Investment Pieces for Your Home

Five Investment Pieces for Your Home

has its own place in time, and discount furniture is no different. When you’re newly married or just starting out, there’s nothing wrong with furnishing an apartment on a shoestring with bargains you find in cheap furniture and big box stores.

But as time passes and your sense of style develops, you’ll want to upgrade your furniture. It’s still okay to accessorize with inexpensive items that you rotate with the seasons, but when it comes to these five statement pieces, you should buy the very best you can afford.


Your sofa is the star of your living room, and it ought to be a rock star. As the largest upholstered piece in your home, your sofa sets the tone for the rest of your decor. It’s the starting off point for selecting armchairs, a coffee table, end tables, lamps, rugs, window treatments and accessories. It is a focal point and a major source of seating. A sofa can last a lifetime if you choose one with a sturdy, durable frame and cover it with beautiful upholstery fabric. As fashion trends change, it will be worth it to recover a high-quality sofa instead of buying a new one.

Dining Table

A dining table is a truly multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be a place to eat, a spot for having coffee with friends, a gift-wrapping station, a homework center, a craft surface or a work desk. It’s the only piece of furniture that’s expected to expand to accommodate extra guests and shrink back to size after they leave. Buy a premium dining room table, and you can pass it on to the next generation. Stick to a classic style–a round table is the most versatile shape–and swap out different styles of chairs as your taste changes.

Office Chair

You spend one-third of most days at work, and then you come home and spend even more time in your home office. The chair you sit in, whether it’s at your employer’s office or your own, should be top quality and ergonomically correct. The seat should be wide and comfortable with adequate lumbar support. It should swivel and roll. Armrests, seat height, and seat-back tension should all be adjustable for maximum comfort and control. If you roll from surface to surface in your work area, be sure to add a clear acrylic mat to protect your flooring.

Area Rug

A well made area rug brings color, pattern, warmth, and texture to a room. Rugs are available for virtually every decorating style, but many decorators add a rug in a contrasting style to a room for more visual interest. Imagine a traditional, tonal room with a large Indian dhurrie rug on the floor in spicy colors or a sleek, modern room with an intricately patterned Persian wool rug on the floor. Whether you place your rug over a stone floor, tile, wood or carpet, anchor it by bringing the furniture around it over the edge of the rug. Place a glass coffee table over the rug to make the room more functional without blocking the view.


A chandelier is a traditional statement piece in an entry or a dining room. Lately, chandeliers have been showing up in unexpected places such as bedrooms and bathrooms, where they draw the eye upward with their beauty. A sparkling crystal chandelier looks fresh and bright whether it is brand new or a treasured antique. Buy the best chandelier you can afford and enjoy it–eye candy is a zero-calorie treat.

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