Livable Decor Trends for 2018

Livable Decor Trends for 2018

Ah, the excitement of a new year and new decor possibilities! But realistically, there are so many new decor trends every year and frankly, not all of them are practical or comfortable. So how do you keep your looking home fresh without it feeling like a cliché?

Lavender. Pantone’s Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet – a mystical, evocative purple. It’s stunning, but for some people, perhaps a little too vibrant. Enter subtle lavender, a gentler version of purple that’s spiritual and calming, yet still flirty and fun. It’s this year’s millennial pink, showing up in fabrics, furnishings and accents everywhere. Lavender is versatile, partnering beautifully with neutrals, brights and other pastels (which are also making a comeback).

Bright Florals. 2018 is seeing a return to tradition and movement away from modern minimalism. Bold, high contrast florals and chintz suit the mood perfectly, bringing colour and joy to any space. To make this trend livable, think moderation. Curtains, pillows, throws, a bedspread – choose a few key elements to showcase your love of florals – or select a gorgeous focal point sofa or accent chair.

Velvet. Sumptuous, regal and a hallmark of traditional décor, velvet has stepped back into the spotlight.  In fact, it’s been called the ‘IT’ fabric for 2018! Velvet is luxurious, yet still surprisingly livable. Modern velvets are often treated for durability and stain resistance. Choose a jewel tone to fully embrace the trend. How about a tufted emerald loveseat or a sapphire blue sofa?

Warmer Colours. After seasons of cooler palettes, 2018 is seeing the re-emergence of warmer hues. Look for tan, mustard, terra cotta, warm red and warm burgundy. Warmer colours are ultra livable – creating a comfortable, welcoming ambience. Pair with light neutrals – soft ivory is perfect. Especially trendy is warm colour in the kitchen and on floors and ceilings. (More on this trend next time!)

Circles. Geometrics stay on trend in 2018. Again, as the focus shifts away from modern and toward traditional, sharp edges and straight lines are less popular, with the gentle roundness of circles the preferred shape. You’ll see circles on upholstery and echoed in the shape of tables, ottomans, etc. The curve of circles creates an open, friendly and very livable vibe.

Matte Metallics. Whether faucets, cabinet handles or accessories, matte metallics are everywhere this season! How to make them more livable? Mix them with the metallics you already have – brass, nickel and chrome are still trendy, as well as rosy metallic shades.

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