Shopping for Bedroom Furniture

Shopping for Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is your personal space to kick back and get a good night’s rest. It also serves to store many of your personal items, including clothing and reading material. Therefore, choose your bedroom furniture carefully to find pieces that are attractive, functional and meet your storage needs. At the bare minimum, you need a bed, dresser and nightstand, but you can also fill out the set with other pieces.

Bed Size

The right bed size depends on your bedroom size, whether you sleep alone or with someone else, and how much space you want. Most adults opt for at least a double bed, which is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, allowing it to fit comfortably in almost any bedroom. However, it is quite small for two adults to sleep in, and tall people will find that their feet hang off the end. A queen bed is the most common type for two people to share, and at 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, offers enough length and width for most people to sleep comfortably. If you want extra space and have a large bedroom, you can get a king bed that is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Allow at least 3 feet of clearance on every side of the bed, and consider other furniture as well when calculating clearance.

Bed Frame

The most prominent piece in your bedroom will likely be your bed frame, so this is where to start when picking a bedroom furniture set. Most frames have a headboard, which goes up against the wall, and a footboard in the center of your room. If you want a low-profile design, opt for a platform bed, which does not extend above the box spring. Platform beds often have storage drawers built into them, whereas traditional bed frames leave the space under the bed empty. Some fun styles of bed frames to consider include antique four-poster beds, canopy beds, and wrought-iron beds with an old-world European style.


You generally want a separate nightstand for each person who will use the bed. If you don’t share the room, you can put the bed against the wall to save space and have a nightstand on one side. Look for a design that puts the stand at approximately the height of the top of the mattress so you can easily reach your alarm clock and reading material. If you want extra storage, get a nightstand with shelves or drawers below. Even if you have a small bedroom, you should be able to fit nightstands in because you need to have that much space on the side of the bed for getting in and out anyway.


The last major piece to complete your bedroom furniture set is a dresser. Many sets come with his and hers dressers, one of which is longer and the other that is taller. This allows you to place the longer one under a window and fit the taller one into a small space. If you don’t need that much space for folded clothing, opt to get just one dresser, which makes space in your room for other pieces of furniture. Dressers are generally about 18 inches deep, so factor this in when deciding how large of a bed you can fit in your bedroom.


An armoire or wardrobe provides more hanging space for your clothing and often has several drawers below as well. If you don’t need the hanging space but want to hide your bedroom television, put it in the armoire instead of having clothes there.


A vanity is an old-fashioned piece of furniture that usually has small storage drawers for a woman to store her jewelry and makeup and space on the surface to lay out the supplies for the day. A vanity also comes with a mirror. If you don’t get a vanity, you can purchase a mirror to go over a dresser and use the top of that as a vanity instead.

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