Tackling Furniture Instructions One Part At A Time

Tackling Furniture Instructions One Part At A Time

Whether it is a large bookcase, a bed frame or an entertainment stand, furniture instructions should not be this daunting project that leaves you frustrated locating for the right pieces. If you take a few moments before assembling the furniture to do a few preliminary tasks, you can have that piece of furniture put together quickly so that you can spend more time enjoying it.

Find all of the Pieces

Putting together furniture is like working on a jigsaw puzzle. You have to make sure all the pieces are there or you will be wasting time without being able to put together the whole picture, or furniture — as it were. The first page of the instructions will always list all the pieces needed to complete the assembly. Separate all the different size screws, nuts and bolts into zip bags if they are placed into the same shipping package.

If you see that you are missing pieces, don’t jury-rig the furniture together with scrape metal or wood from your garage. This can be extremely dangerous and could injure people if the furniture suddenly gives way on top of someone. Immediately contact the company with whom you placed the purchase. More often than not, the company will send you the parts that you need. If not, return the furniture to the store to obtain a refund or trade in the incomplete furniture kit for a complete kit at no additional cost.

Group Parts by Step

Organization is key. This applies just as much in furniture assembly as it does in the corporate world. Whether you have written instructions or simple pictures telling you how to “place bolt D into round hole F,” it’s important to have all the pieces for that particular step at hands’ reach.

Read the first step of the instructions. For that particular step, group together all the parts and tools required. Move on to the next step and group those pieces together, taking out the required pegs, bolts, screws and other parts. Continue through each step until you have separated all the parts and placed them in their respective groups based on the instruction steps.

By doing this before the furniture assembling, you don’t have to go riffling through different bags to get the part you need. You have everything ready for you when you reach that particular step of the instructions.

Assembly Line

The reason why a manufacturer assembles products quickly and at a high quality is that they take an assembly line approach in putting the product together. You can do the same now after doing all the above preliminary steps. You have all the pieces to complete the furniture assembly. You’ve grouped everything together based on step. Now you just have to follow the step’s instructions to place the furniture together.

Place the first step’s pieces together. Move to the next group of pieces, ready for assembly. You don’t have to go searching for parts or tools. No matter how small or large the furniture is, you can now confidently put everything together without scratching your head and wondering which screw is number 198463. You’ll be amazed on just how easy it is, and you might even enjoy the experience.

Above All Else, Take Your Time

This isn’t a contest on who can put their furniture together the fastest. Take your time. If a part of the instructions confuses you or frustrates you, take a breather and walk away. Come back later when you’ve calmed down. By taking your time, you can eliminate mistakes that need to be fixed, which slows you down even more.

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