5 Ways to Conserve Water

Water is one of the main components in the sustenance of daily life. It's valuable to the environment and because of this importance, water must be effectively managed as a resource. Many cities throughout the U.S. have implemented policies aimed at the conservation of water. There are numerous ways you can conserve water and contribute to sustainability. We'll cover five such ways.


Deep-Soak The Lawn


Since the times of ancient civilization, irrigation technology has been very beneficial for many purposes. In modern times many of us strive to keep a nice lawn to maintain a beautiful property. This maintenance includes watering the lawn, which is common enough. Lawn irrigation may done with a sprinkler system or with a hose. If you're using a hose, conserve some water when watering the lawn by watering it long enough for the water to soak down to the roots where it will be the most effective. Light sprinkling tends to evaporate quickly and encourages shallow root systems. Advanced sprinkler systems such as the Smart Controller can even time watering hours responsively to minimize premature evaporation.


Avoid Running The Hose While Washing Your Vehicle

car wash

When washing your car you should use a pail of soapy water. Use the hose only for rinsing. Doing this simple practice can conserve as much as 150 gallons of water when washing a car. Even better for saving water, there are waterless car washing systems on the market.


Install Water-Saving Shower Heads

You can easily install an inexpensive water-saving shower head. It's also a smart idea to cutt your shower time down to only the time necessary to soap up, wash down, and rinse off. A long, hot shower can use five to ten gallons of water for every unneeded minute.


Wash Only Full Loads When Using Your Dishwasher or Clothes Washer

washing machine

Automatic dishwashers and washing machines for clothes should be loaded for optimum water conservation. Avoid the permanent press cycle, as this adds 5 gallons for the extra rinse.


Keep A Bottle of Drinking Water in The Fridge

It is wasteful to run tap water to cool it off. Keep some drinking water in the fridge in a safe drinking bottle. Consider buying a personal water filter if you're into outdoor hiking, that way you can drink safely from rivers, lakes or any available body of water nearby.


Conserving water can be good for both the environment and your water. It can be quite fulfilling to practice such responsibility when it comes to resources. Using water-saving features can bring you a 35% reduction in your in-home water use. Keep this in mind and put some of these practices and features to use.