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5 Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home

The notion of having an uncluttered, simplified life with fewer things is attractive to many. There are benefits to owning fewer things like less debt, less to clean, more money and time for different passions. Consumerism and materialism lead to anxiety and depression. These people are ready to remove the clutter from their life, and you might be ready too. Unfortunately, when you and everyone else builds the courage to finally do it, you find yourself wondering where and how to even start. Hopefully, these five tips will help get you on your way.


Look for Storage Units


You might as well do this first because you are going to need it. According to Storage Units Chatsworth, storage units are a great solution for keeping items of sentimental value. There are things you rarely look at, never use but will never throw away. This is not necessarily hoarding. Things of sentimental value or things you want to eventually pass on to kids or grandchildren still take up space and time, so a storage unit is the perfect place for them. You can go and dig them out when the time is right.


Start Filling a Trash Bag at a Time

At the beginning of your organizing journey, a good first step is towards simplicity is to grab one large trash bag. Then, just start filling it with as much stuff as you can. You will notice a lot of it belongs directly in the dumpster, but there will be plenty of bags you can take to the Salvation Army for the less fortunate.


Take the 12-12-12 Challenge

The 12-12-12 Challenge is a popular way to increase the simplicity in your life. First you find 12 things to throw in the trash. Next, you locate 12 items worth donating. Finally, you find 12 item you can reorganize into their proper place. That is 36 things you have quickly organized in your house. You could tack another 12 items on for things in your storage unit too.


The Four-Box Method

It is important to do this for every item in every room. You need to buy four large boxes for every room. One box is for items to keep, another for trash, another to donate and one to relocate items. Every item in every room must be labeled for a box. It is important.


Use Your Imagination


This is a powerful psychological trick to employ before and after you begin for motivation and reward. Ask yourself how much you would pay for your house before you start cleaning it up. After you have organized it, ask yourself the same question. The difference in the figures will astound you.


Many people feel anxious, overwhelmed and even defeated at the idea of removing clutter and possessions from their homes. It is perfectly natural, but it can't stop you. It does not have to be as painful and dramatic as some people make it out to be, especially on television. You can come up with creative, fun ways to do it. It is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a less stressful life.