Upgrade Your Dining Room With These Four Tips

Upgrade Your Dining Room With These Four Tips

 A dining room can be focal point in the home — a place where the family gets together, leaves behind the worries of their busy days, and shares both a meal and an experience. And this is precisely why creating a dining room that is both beautiful and comfortable is so important. Read on to discover four useful tips for achieving just that!

1.Add lighting options. Far too many dining rooms (or far too many rooms in general, to be honest) depend on one single, harsh, and un-adjustable overhead lighting solution. This tends to create an overly-bright center while casting dark shadows and eliminating the possibility for mood-based adjustments. Adding extra lighting options to your dining room will make the space more welcoming and versatile, and all at a very reasonable cost.

2.Try mismatching. A perfectly uniform dining room might seem like an idea from the magazines in theory — but in practice it oftentimes comes off as overly formal and uptight. A few mismatched furniture pieces, on the other hand, can create a more homey, lived-in feeling that most families would prefer.

3.Choose defining features. A large painting hung on the wall. A distinctive rug that delineated space. Or a couple sets of tableware to set the mood. Oftentimes, one highly noticeable accent feature can add more to your space than a dozen tiny details — and this applies to living rooms and bedrooms just as much as it does to dining spaces.

4.Upholstered dining furniture. Make hard, uninviting wooden chairs a thing of the past by investing in customized and upholstered dining furniture from The Sofa Company! Our diverse selection of stylish and comfortable dining furniture is sure to have the right chair for every taste and every budget — so visit us online today to learn more!

Protecting Furniture: ( Party or Get-Together )

 Nothing beats a killer party or a super-fun family get together — at least not until it’s time to clean up and you realize that your most treasured furniture has been damaged in the fray! Here are a few tips that can help you ensure that this nightmare doesn’t become reality.

  • Furniture Covers. As you will see when you browse the Sofa Company’s extensive selection of furniture accessories, furniture covers have come a long way in recent decades, and are now more stylish and more comfortable than you have ever imagined possible!
  • Change the Layout. Don’t leave your most delicate or most valued furniture in high-traffic areas — this is just asking for a spill. Instead, rearrange in order to ensure that fold-out chairs and older furniture is used most, while your prized possessions are relegated to more intimate and lightly used areas.
  • Clean before and after. Cleaning before your event may seem counter-intuitive, but it is important to take psychology into account here. People are much more likely to treat clean, well-cared for furniture with a great deal of respect than they are to value dirty, seemingly unvalued furniture well. Of course, cleaning after the party is also very important, as it prevents any spills or stains from becoming permanent fixtures in your furniture and in your home. Melaleuca products, from glass cleaners to furniture polish, are effective, non-toxic, safe for your guests, and leave a pleasant fragrance.
  • Provide Tables. It is a simple and straightforward solution that will have amazingly effective results: make sure that tables are always available next to every piece of furniture, and the likelihood of a spill or accident will go down significantly.

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